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Cover RingerA horse who is a dead ringer for a missing racehorse. A missing cousin whose body was never found. An attempted murder. Is anything what it seems? Holly Thompson is drawn into the middle of this puzzle when she rescues sexy horse trainer Matt Winter and flees with him and the look-a-like horse.

Holly and Matt follow clues from British Columbia to Matt’s home in Oregon to a horserace in California, trying to find who is behind the horse-swapping scheme. Matt didn’t count on losing his heart to a feisty woman who can saddle her own horse and hotwire a truck. And Holly has done the unthinkable: fallen in love with a horseman, something she vowed she’d never do. Is Matt a wealthy racehorse owner or just another backstretch con artist, cheating on horses and women? And will he ride to her rescue when they unravel the mystery of the ringer?

Horseman Spell coverPam never expected to be spending time at the racetrack again, but a romantic connection with Scott – her new next door neighbor and ex-boyfriend’s brother – throws her back into the exciting world of horseracing.

Dealing with trips to the racetrack, mysterious phone calls, unknown late night visitors, and an unexplained light appearing upon the hill, the tranquil farm life Pam loves has been turned upside down ever since Scott moved in.

If Pam’s life hadn’t already become chaotic enough, her relationship with Scott is threatened when his brother, Lyle, returns to town.

Cover Movie Stars SonGirls dream of growing up and marrying a movie star, but how many have their sights set on his son?

When Chris Stewart rescues actor Ben Jenkins from the ocean, she doesn’t know his son Dave is the nasty lifeguard who busted in her truck window. When they meet up again, Dave knows he’s found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with and convinces Chris to leave Seattle and join him in Los Angeles.

Dave is everything Chris has been looking for in a man, and the Los Angeles life is perfect – beaches, surfing, movie stars, sunshine, palm trees, and falling in love. When their pasts catch up to tear them apart and cut their story tale romance short, Chris decides to start a new life on California’s central coast. She didn’t count on Dave’s determination to keep searching for her and bring her home.

A lost dog and a surfing accident bring Chris and Dave back together, but can they put the past behind them for a Hollywood happy ending?

Smaller image Un Neigh Borly Behavior coverRacing Standardbred horses is usually all the excitement DeeDee Logan needs in her life, until suddenly she’s dealing with an amorous polo player, jealous twin sisters, a lovelorn horse groom, and a racetrack derelict intent on medicating her horse.

Trying to get away from the recent craziness in her life, DeeDee saddles up her horse for a relaxing ride through the woods, but murder gallops after her when the horse leads her to the polo player, Miguel, dead on the trail.

When fingers start pointing to DeeDee as a suspect, she and her husband Grant discover some of those accusers had motives for eliminating Miguel. To avoid becoming next on the hit list, Grant and DeeDee must use good old horse sense to find out what happened to Miguel and race to stop a killer.

Cover Tubbed to DeathRoyal Hot Springs Resort in Oregon is every couple’s romantic dream vacation with massages, chocolate strawberries, and soaks in the hot springs, but it turns into a nightmare when Grant and DeeDee Logan discover hotel manager Gerry Davidson floating in a hot tub. When it becomes clear that nobody cares that he’s dead, doubts surface whether the death was an accidental drowning or murder.

There are plenty of suspects lurking in this exclusive resort: a wrangler with a criminal past; a fired masseuse who wished Gerry was dead; an unknown man who threatens Gerry; a desk clerk who was the victim of Gerry’s sexual advances; and Gerry’s mysterious, elusive girlfriend.

Grant is shocked to discover his old friend embezzled over a million dollars prior to his death. He traces the missing money to Gerry’s offshore bank account and the mystery deepens when the bank statement shows the funds were withdrawn after Gerry died. The Logan’s work together to find answers in a resort full of secrets, pitting them against a killer who’s determined to keep the money at all costs.

Cover Recipes my Mother ForgotIsobel Rhodes enjoyed entertaining, hosting fancy dinner parties, and cooking until she faced an adversary known as Alzheimer’s disease. No longer able to cook, her recipes have been compiled by her daughter in an extraordinary journal sharing scrumptious meal ideas and an insider’s look into the challenges of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

Featuring 108 recipes such as Party Soup, Creole Style Fish, Chopstick Tuna Casserole, Snow Crab Casserole, Vegetarian Lasagna, Nanaimo Bars, and Broken Glass Cake, you can put together a meal while reading about Isobel’s passion for cooking and her struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.